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In the United States, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. While smoking increases the risk of several cancers and is the strongest risk factor for lung cancer, lung cancer can be diagnosed in anyone, including those who have never smoked and others with no known risk factors.


The American Cancer Society is working with leading experts in lung cancer to offer cutting-edge information on lung cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

ECHO Series

May 2021


February 2022

Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing ECHO

This ECHO will utilize a state-based approach in Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississippi and will feature a mix of both collective sessions with all three states participating together and sessions that are solely comprised of institutions within each state. The goals are for participants to gain knowledge and confidence to address the overlapping and common barriers that exist within their respective cancer teams and institutions and be equipped to successfully implement NSCLC biomarker testing in a multidisciplinary setting at their respective institutions. Moreover, the state-based approach will foster collaboration to address the common barriers related to biomarker testing within each state or region, reflective of their unique cultural, geographic, and payer landscape.

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January 2021


September 2021

Getting Back on Track With Cancer Screenings ECHO

The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Football League (NFL) are collaborating to focus on cancer screening during the COVID-19 pandemic in community health centers across the country. The Getting Back on Track With Cancer Screenings ECHO aims to help health centers to develop and adopt new processes and protocols to tackle this backlog and safely restart cancer screening.

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February 2020


October 2021

Lung Cancer Screening and Tobacco Cessation ECHO

The ACS NFL Lung Cancer Screening & Tobacco Cessation ECHO Series builds upon the primary goals of the Community Health Advocates Implementing Nationwide Grants for Empowerment and Equity (CHANGE) grant-funded project by sharing knowledge and evidence-informed best practices on critical topics across the lung cancer screening continuum. The sessions will ultimately help the grantees increase their respective lung cancer screening rates, increase access and navigation to specialized care, including follow-up for abnormal findings and intervention for cancer diagnoses and finally improve evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions to help individuals quit smoking.

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May 2018


May 2019

Lung Cancer Patient Support ECHO

The Lung Cancer Patient Support ECHO has been made possible through a partnership between the American Cancer Society and Project ECHO© (University of New Mexico) with funding from Merck. This clinic is a part of a larger initiative by the American Cancer Society to increase lung cancer screening, improve lung cancer outcomes across the continuum of care, and reduce lung cancer mortality as outlined in its cancer control blueprint.

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