Genomic Tumor Board


Genomic Tumor Board


A Genomic tumor board (GTB) consists of a team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals who collaborate to review genomic tumor tests (GTT). These boards function to analyze results of GTTs to help guide potential treatment decisions using the latest research. The goal of these sessions is to work together to provide interpretation support for clinicians and engage community oncologists in a robust discussion of treatment options for the patient and evaluate actionable results.

ECHO Series

December 2023


November 2024

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In collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory , The American Cancer Society (ACS) has developed an ECHO series to address the need for innovative ways to lessen the treatment gap between community oncology care and medical center-level care. The goal is for this ECHO series is to 1) Replicate The Jackson Laboratory’s successful model for community precision oncology using the ECHO Model in partnership with ACS to address treatment gaps in rural oncology care, 2) Create a supportive knowledge network of community oncology providers and specialists, 3) Provide telementoring to increase community oncology providers’ capacity to translate the results of genomic tests into clinical practice to identify appropriate treatment strategies for their patients, and 4) Employ case-based guided practice to create learning loops to allow for mastery of complex medical content.

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